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How to evict a tenant in Florida

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32. Eviction Process Hillsborough County Florida.

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How to evict a tenant in Hillsborough County Florida.

Evicting a tenant that will not pay rent can be a frustrating process. There are many rules and regulations which govern this area of the law. Knowing exactly how to proceed with an eviction can mean the difference between gaining access to the property or allowing a non-paying tenant to stay. Below are the steps which must be taken in order to properly evict a tenant in the state of Florida.

Create and Serve a 3-Day Notice

The first step in the process is to draft a 3-Day Notice for the tenant. This notice should be short, but demand that the tenant make a choice within the next three days. They can either pay the rent that is due or be prepared to go to court for a formal eviction process. The 3-Day Notice served to the tenant does not include Saturday, Sunday or holidays.

Make a Formal Complaint

If the tenant fails to comply with the 3-Day Notice, more action must be taken to evict. The next step is to file a formal eviction complaint with the clerk of court. You will need to show the 3-Day Notice that was given to the non-paying tenant along with a copy of the lease. The clerk will require a fee in order to evict the tenant. Once this information is provided to the clerk, a complaint will be filed with the court.

Issue a Summons to Court

Once the complaint has been filed, the clerk will issue a summons to the tenant. This is served by the sheriffs department and will alert the tenant to the fact that an eviction complaint has been filed with the clerk of court. This summons is served to the tenant or posted on the premises. The clerk will serve the tenant with the complaint, a copy of the 3-Day Notice that was given to the tenant as well as a copy of the lease.

Wait For the Response

After the summons is posted on the premises or personally served to the tenant, they will have five (5) days to respond to the eviction complaint. This five days not include Saturday, Sunday or holidays. If the tenant responds to the complaint, then the landlord must set a date for the hearing. Once the date has been set, the landlord and tenant will both appear before the court to make their case.

Finish the Process

After the hearing, or once five days have passed without word from the tenant, a judgment will be given by the court. The judgment is most often in favor of the property owner. The court creates and gives a notice to the tenant, giving the tenant notice to vacate the premises. This notice is also served by the sheriffs department and gives the tenant twenty four hours to leave on their own. If they will still not leave after another twenty four hours has passed, the sheriff will come out and force them to go. The twenty four hours does not include Saturday, Sunday or holidays.

How to evict a tenant in Florida

Don't Let Your Non-Paying Tenant Take Advantage of You.

For a landlord, rental properties can bring in a substantial income, but only if all the tenants are paying their rent on time every month. When a tenant fails to pay rent, the house begins to cost the owner quite a bit of time and money. Now, you won't have to let non-paying tenants take advantage of you any longer. You can use our Florida Eviction Service to help get rid of problem tenants.

We file the paperwork.

Our Florida Eviction Service is a firm that specializes in tenant evictions. This means that we have studied the Florida tenant eviction process, and we know the steps that are needed to complete a successful eviction. We have extensive experience getting non-paying tenants out of rental properties. We can easily assist you in completing all the paperwork with a minimum effort on your part. This means that you no longer have to spend your valuable time and energy filling out all the confusing paperwork needed for a successful eviction.

We do the work.

Our Florida eviction service will do all the work to evict a non-paying tenant. This means that there are no more trips to the court house for landlords that have income properties. We will give the tenant a three day notice demanding that the monies owed to you are paid in full, otherwise the tenant will be required to vacate the premises as soon as possible. If the rent has still not been paid after the mandatory three days (excluding weekends and state holidays) then we will continue to the next step in the Florida eviction process. This is done so that you won't have to spend a lot of time worrying about the easily confusing process of evicting a tenant.

The tenant is evicted quickly.

Once the tenant fails to pay rent after the three day notice is posted, our Florida eviction service will proceed to the next step in the process. We will assist you in making sure all the paperwork is filled in correctly. We will then file it in the order necessary until the property is empty. This relieves the stress on the landlord of having to know exactly which steps to take next in order to get the non-paying tenant off of the property. It also ensures that the eviction will go smoothly, as we know how to streamline the eviction process and make it happen within a reasonable amount of time.

The days of worrying about problem tenants are over for landlords. Our Florida eviction service has created a simple way for landlords in the area to make sure that they keep getting income from their rental homes instead of wasting time and energy with problem tenants. We will go over the process with you and then make it happen quickly.

Please note - we cannot guarantee the tenant will be removed. It is up to the judge to grant the writ of possession. We are working for you as a Florida document preparation eviction service.


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Tampa Eviction Services

Eviction Process Hillsborough County Florida

How to evict a tenant in Florida

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