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Hillsborough County Eviction Process

What is the Hillsborough County eviction process.

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We are a Non-attorney eviction document preparation service. We can assist you with document preparation and subsequently track your case through the court system. We service Hillsborough, Pasco, and Pinellas Counties in Florida.

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Eviction document preparation services. We service Hillsborough County, Pasco County, and Pinellas County in Florida.

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Tampa Eviction Services

What is the Hillsborough County eviction process Florida

If you are a landlord and you feel you need to learn more about the eviction procedures in Tampa, Florida, you have a large job ahead of you. There are four steps that you will have to walk through in order to get the process of eviction to go as smoothly as possible.

First, you will need to serve a 3 or 7-day eviction notice to your client. The choice between the notice depends on the reason why you are evicting your client in the first place. If you are evicting your tenant because they are not paying rent, you can use a 3-day notice. If you are evicting because of another lease violation reason, such as criminal activity, excessive noise, or pet violations, you would use a 7-day notice. In order to start the eviction process, you have to file a notice with the tenant. The notice should be written and sent by certified mail, so that you have proof that it was received. It could also be hand delivered or left at the property site. You will want a copy of the notice, as well as proof that it was delivered. After the set number of days have passed, and if the tenant is still on the property, you may have to file an eviction complaint with the courthouse.

Second, assuming your tenant is on your property after the notice has expired, you will want to start a formal case with the court in order to evict that tenant. When you go to the courthouse, take your copy of the lease, as well as the notice you delivered to the client. You will fill out the complaint form, which can then be notarized by the courthouse clerk. You will have to pay a filing fee and your tenant will receive a summons, telling them that they are being sued for eviction.

Third, you and your tenant will have to go to court based on the summons that you filed. At the hearing, you will plead your case and inform the judge why your tenant needs to be evicted from your property. The tenant will have a chance to defend his case, but if they do not answer the lawsuit, the judge will likely sign the default judgment in your favor.

We Know Exactly What You Need

And last, once the judge issues an order, you can ask the courthouse for a writ of possession, which allows you to have your tenant removed by the Sheriff. The Sheriff will then deliver the order and the tenant, who then has 24 hours to leave the property before the Sheriff removes him.

Don't Waste Time Hoping a Non-Paying Tenant Will Pay You or Move Out

Due to the amount of paperwork it takes to evict a tenant, some landlords will wait to see if the tenant is going to pay the money which is owed. They try and give the tenant more time to pay the rent or move out of the home. Landlords that do this, however, will typically end up losing money. This is because your non-paying tenants have no intention of paying the money owed or moving out of the house. Our Tampa eviction service can help you with these problem tenants. We are her to help you with the eviction process.

We Know How You Feel and Want to Help

Tampa eviction service began this business for landlords with non-paying tenants. We know exactly how frustrating it is to have problem tenants who refuse to either pay the rent that is due or vacate the premises. So we also know that the process of evicting a tenant must happen as quick as possible so that the landlord can once again make money from the home. Because gaining access to the income property is the first step in getting the property cleaned up and ready for a new tenant that will pay rent.

We Know All the Rules Involved

Due to the fact that our Tampa eviction service specializes in the process of getting non-paying tenants out of the property, we know all the steps involved. We will begin the process by posting a three day notice on the property demanding that the tenant pay the money which is owed or vacate the premises. Once the three days has passed, excluding weekends and holidays, we will continue to proceed with the eviction. This means that we will file the court papers to get the eviction finalized.

We Will Work to Make it Happen

With the paperwork filed with the clerk of court, our Tampa eviction service will continue with the eviction. We will make sure that the landlord is alerted if the tenant files and answer and then make sure that the notice is given. Then our Tampa eviction service will work to complete the process by ensuring the landlord that the tenant vacates the premises in order to get the property back to the landlord. We work hard to make the eviction happen so that the income property will be empty and the landlord gets access as soon as possible.

The process of evicting a problem tenant is tedious, but does not have to take a long time. If the landlord is not familiar with the regulations regarding eviction this will take more time than is needed. That is why our Tampa eviction service opened its doors for business. During our time in the industry, we have done everything possible to make evictions as quick and painless as we can be for the landlords in the area. Call our Tampa eviction service. Note, we can not guarantee t he tenant will be removed. It is up to the judge to grant the writ of possession. We are only a working for you as a document preparation eviction service.

What is the eviction process in Hillsborough County Florida.

1. Call our Tampa Eviction Service and we will discuss your particular situation.

2. We will need a copy of the original lease agreement and a 3-Day Notice.

3. If the 3 day notice has not been delivered. We would be happy to assist you in the delivery of the 3 day notice.

4. We will prepare the eviction documents and customize them to your needs.

5. We will have your documents ready for your signature and delivered to you.

6. After you receive your documents, simply sign and notarize them.

7. We will file the paperwork with the court and will have your tenant(s) served in person by a Certified Process Server or County Deputy Sheriff.

8. The tenant has five days excluding Saturdays, Sundays and Florida legal holidays after being served to file an "Answer" with the Court.

9. If the tenant fails to file an answer and deposit all the rent with the court, a Default is filed and a judge typically issues the Final Judgment for Eviction.

10. If the Tenant does not vacate after Final Judgment has been entered, the Sheriff of the county will remove the tenant(s) in person for an additional fee.

Here is one of our thank you letters.

I am writing to thank you for the great (and fast) service I received recently when I used your Tampa Eviction Service.

The last time I needed to evict someone here in Florida - about two years ago - I had a tenant that just would not pay the rent. He had been a good tenant for a few years, but then suddenly out of the blue, he stopped paying. He kept promising, but after three months it was finally clear to me that he just either couldn't or wouldn't pay the rent. I spent a considerable amount of time trying to navigate the paperwork and the eviction process. In the end, he just moved out - AFTER I had already spent weeks researching and gotten nowhere on the eviction process. I was out the three months of rent, plus the time I spent working on the eviction plus another month getting the property in shape for the next tenant.

This time was different, as soon as I saw there was a problem with my tenant, I got on-line and found your website, Tampa-eviction-services.com. After talking to you on the phone, I felt much better (and calmer). Thank you so much for explaining the eviction process to me. While I did realize after speaking with you that I could do it myself, the truth is that between my full-time job, managing the few income properties I have, and taking care of my kids, it was a blessing to just hand it over to your team to handle.

Thank you so much for providing this wonderful, time-saving and aggravation-free service! I found your rates very reasonable, and the fact is that within one week (ONE WEEK!!) of using your service, the problem tenant moved right out. I was able to go into the house and start preparing for a new tenant right away. The last time this happened, I lost more than 4 months of rent - this time I lost less than 3 weeks!! I cannot thank you enough and I will be sure to use your service again in the future when and if I need it.


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We serve Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco Counties in Florida.

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Tampa Eviction Process

Hillsborough County Eviction Process

What is the Hillsborough County eviction process.

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